Food Are Here Mapplication

Food Are Here was a participatory codesign project focusing on the use of mobile mapping technology to support urban foraging. Through participatory design workshops in Atlanta and in San Jose (as part of the 2010 Zer01 San Jose Biennial), foragers, food identification specialists, and others imagined what their ideal mobile mapping application would look like.

An example of a map drawing board (top) and large phone drawings, both used in workshops at 01SJ to capture ideas for future designs.

The project included extensive work with Atlanta-based foraging charity Concrete Jungle. The group currently has a map showing hundreds of fruit trees throughout the Atlanta area, providing an ample case study for their data organization and collection process. From this research via workshops and conversations (fully documented here), designs were drafted and coded. The code was handed off to Concrete Jungle, who altered it to work with their specific map. Today, Concrete Jungle volunteers use their smartphones to add trees to the charity’s ever-growing map.